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Welcome to The Great Trapology Bake Off!

Trapology Boston is Boston’s #1 escape game, and we’re always looking for ways to create new and innovative puzzle-based experiences! That’s why we’ve partnered with WeWork to introduce a fun and unique pop-up event that combines classic escape room elements with a twist! Teams of 3-4 will go head-to-head in an intense bake off competition! They’ll be tasked with uncovering clues, solving puzzles, and sabotaging their opponents – all with the end goal of baking donuts to impress a panel of esteemed judges!

Trapology is Boston’s most challenging escape game.

We offer an interactive experience where you and your friends are locked up for 60 minutes with one mission: ESCAPE! Each of our Boston escape games has a suspenseful storyline that will unfold as you and your team explore the room, find clues, and solve a series of connected mind-bending puzzles.

WeWork is an American company that provides shared workspaces for technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses and large enterprises.


Q: Who can play?

A: This event is for members of WeWork only.

Q: What if I have food allergies?

A: Please let us know what your allergies are when you register and we will make sure to accommodate them.

Q: How much does this cost?

A: Nothing! This pop-up event is completely free, all you have to do is register!

Q: How many people can play?

A: Each competition will be broken up into two teams of up to 4 players. If you don’t purchase all 4 tickets, the remaining ones will still be available to others.

Q: Am I really making donuts?

A: Yes! You are actually competing in a competition to make real donuts, and you get to eat them afterwards! No prior baking knowledge is needed.

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