We are UnTrappable

The Trapology Research Institute was founded by a group called the “Untrappables”.

The Trapology Research Institute HQ is based in Boston, MA. However, TRI placed nine covert research stations around the world to conduct experiments.

Focus on Psychology and Experiences

TRI is dedicated to creating social experiments in the form of custom interactive experiences, corporate team building activities, and most famously – escape games.

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Chris Evans Prank Escape Game raises $477K for kids with Cancer

Trapology teamed up with Chris Evans (Captain America) to design and build a pop-up escape game at a local comic book store. This viral video has been viewed over 105 million times.

We designed a this prank to raise funds for Christopher’s Haven, a non-profit that helps families and kids battling cancer. Donations came in from 86 countries. The funds raised will provide 310 families of children being treated for cancer with a one-month stay in a fully furnished and equipped apartment. Watch our behind the scenes video here!

The Bodega Boys and Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren play Trapology’s Crush Depth

Watch our behind the scenes video here!


Let us lock you up

Across the street from the Boston Common at 177 Tremont St are five award-winning Trapology Escape Games that we have designed and built. Trapology is Boston’s largest escape game facility and we’ve heard that we are the most challenging.

We’ve designed the experiences to be inclusive so that it’s a great fit for a date night to see if he’s good under pressure, a family excursion to lock up your mother-in-law, or a company team building where yelling at your boss is acceptable.

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Cannolians, A historical puzzle tour around Boston’s Freedom Trail

80 attendees from 5 different cities across North America would converge to attend an annual conference. Trapology was hired to create a historical based puzzle tour that hit hot spots along the Freedom Trail.

No Wake, A Cape Cod Murder Mystery

“Give them a challenge. These are smart people”, said our client in one of her first e-mails.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. They are 150 actuaries and they’re brilliant.”
“Okaaaaay. Let’s do this.”

Trapology designed a 2-hour, multi-location, murder puzzle event for 150 actuaries during their Annual Summit. This custom experience was driven by 9 actors. The game incorporated inside jokes, actuarial puns, and all sorts of twists and turns designed to stump these math geniuses.


The Great Trapology Bake Off

Do you love donuts? Are you ready to challenge your colleagues in a cutthroat match?

Welcome to Escape Game meetings Game Show Cooking Challenge! Trapology has partnered with WeWork! Teams of 4 will go head-to-head in an intense bake off competition! They will be tasked with uncovering clues, solving puzzles, and sabotaging their opponents – all with the end goal of baking donuts to impress a panel of esteemed judges!


Keep your Garter Up

This is a “fake wedding” game, produced by Trapology Boston. Purchase a ticket and attend as a “wedding guest”. The storyline is driven by 18 actors such as the bride, groom, bridal party, and several other surprise characters. Get lost in a web of mystery, lies, and coverups. Be the first team to solve all of the puzzles, unravel all of Christina and Jeff’s secrets and your team will decide what kind of “happy ending” the two will have.

This is our first (of many) interactive puzzle events. Actors have rehearsed multiple storyline endings, depending on what storyline the winning teams decide. Read more about our recap here!



Trapology Owner, Jason Loeb, has spoken at the PAX EAST panel for the last three years about the future of escape games, battle stories, and industry trends.


Nicole Loeb, Lead game designer, spoke to Milton Academy and designed a mobile Instagram escape game for the rising senior class math students.



We can keep it PG or we can ramp it up to R.
We’ve have themed games: Friends, Game of Thrones, and other popular topics.
We’ve hosted at breweries, non-profit events, and private gatherings.